23 July 2010

2003 BBM Sluggers Tuffy Rhodes acquired!

Thanks to NPBCardGuy over at the Japanese Baseball Card Blog, I've been able to fill one more hole in Ye Olde Tuffy Collection, his 2003 BBM Sluggers card:

There is also a sepia tone parallel of this card that I've yet to see anywhere online.

I was finally able to put one of those cards I bought from Mr. Angeles to work and traded this 2001 BBM Century Best 9 insert of the legendary Hiromitsu Ochiai:

Surprisingly, that's the first trade I've made with another blogger. Most of my trades take place on TheBench. Hopefully this will be the start of a trend resulting in another dozen or so people with excess Tuffy Rhodes cards starting blogs about Japanese baseball cards!


  1. Glad I could help you out. Now if I could just find the Kaz Matsui card from the Century Best 9 insert set, I'd be all set...

  2. thanks pal for taking care of those cards =)