19 July 2010

"And they give ya cache, which is almost as good as money!"

Filled in a gap in the colección de cachet last week with this one:

As further testament to this being a wide open field for player collectors, with not a whole lot of competition, this went for a whopping $1.99 +$1.50s&h.  Though, at the same time, I missed two of the 1991 Gateway 400HR cachets due to my strict $10 or less bidding strategy for autographed stuff.  I'm hoping it exists unsigned as I don't really care much about autographs anymore.

Something that caught my eye, though, is that both the 1985 & 1987 Gold Glove cachets show Winnie at the plate or on the bases, yet his 1986 Z Silk 100 RBI's cover shows him fielding.  Go figure.  Though I suppose it's not too far out of kilter since Gold Glove awards almost always go to great hitters.  Outside Ozzie Smith, you never saw them awarded to all-field, no-hit players no matter how great a defender they were.

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