10 September 2010

1982 Topps Seattle Mariners Future Stars #711

Despite the somewhat lackluster numbers put up by these three youngsters during 1981, in an organization such as Seattle at the beginning of the 1980s, there really weren't a lot of bright spots to fit the "Future Stars" category. Of the three, after an absolutely blistering Spring Training, Henderson got to spend the most time with the big club as their regular center fielder. Despite winning the starting spot, young Hendu would not fare well, hitting below the Mendoza line through the first 50 games of the season, returning to Spokane in June.

Flash forward three or four years, and Henderson likely would have had his first card in the Topps Traded set rather than the following year as part of a three man Future Stars card. And even in 1982, with Dave batting over .300 through mid-July, you would have thought he might warrant inclusion in the 1982 Traded set, but I suppose his status as a member of the poster child of expansion teams kept him from the checklist. Maybe had he come up in the Orioles system....

Of the three, only Mr. Henderson would survive in organized baseball beyond 1983.

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