22 September 2010

Going Postal on Induction Day 2001

       I caught these late last week on eBay, and fortunately, no other Winfield collectors were looking (or cared, is more likely the case) and managed to knock something off my cachet want list as well as pick up one I didn't even know existed.   I didn't expect them to be full size #10 envelopes (does anyone know of somewhere that makes 2-pocket sheets that are split vertically?), but it definitely allows for better detail.  These feature the complete Hall of Fame Class of 2001, Dave Winfield, Kirby Puckett, veterans committee selection Bill Mazeroski and great Negro League pitcher Hilton Smith.

       The first fits with the other Photo File cachets, and I think completes the set.  The second is on heavier, glossy paper and features beautiful work by Kendal Bevil, a fairly prolific artist of first day covers, and even includes a certificate of authenticity.

       Last week, I was stretching my eBay queries a bit, trying to find different stuff than the usual and came across a lot of four 4x6 photos including photos of Thurman Munson, Reggie Jackson, Billy Martin (with Oakland) and Dave Winfield (with San Diego).  The Munson & Jackson pics looked like copies of their photos from the 1977 Yankees Photo Album, but the Winfield was a photo I'd not seen before, so I figured the lot was worth the $4 or so (incl. s&h).  Smile for the camera, Dave!

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