13 April 2012

Good Ideas Super Star Action Pop-Ups (1988-1989)

     I caught this a month or so ago in the course of my usual daily eBay Winfield hunt. Having no idea what it was or from whence it came, upon its arrival in the daily post, I plunged deep into the murky depths of the web seeking enlightenment. As happens more often than not, ManOfSteal over at Rickey Henderson Collectibles had the scoop. He'd picked up his 1988 Rickey Pop-Up years before. A few questions back and forth over on the Freedom Card Board Rickey Henderson Collectors Thread didn't reveal too much more aside from the fact that there are 1988 & 1989 series.

     After a couple of days of what I thought was a fairly thorough Googling, I came up with just this as the checklists for the two years:

2 Don Mattingly (fielding)
4 Dave Winfield
5 Darryl Strawberry
6 Rickey Henderson
7 Dwight Gooden

2 Don Mattingly
3 Dave Winfield
4 Rickey Henderson
12 Jose Canseco
20 Walt Weiss

[ There used to be a page here from Baseball Digest, advertising the 1988 set, but this is no longer available on Google Books, which makes the following paragraph somewhat confusing.  Until I'm able to acquire a scan of said advert, please imagine there is a full page ad here showing some of the Pop-Ups and listing all of the players for sale.  Thank you -- the management.]

     This would appear to represent the complete listing for the 1988 set, and seems to imply that all 12 pieces are available as both a statue and a plaque. Seeing the prices at the bottom, I can understand why these didn't do all that well. $13.95 each?! Even if that does include shipping, I think I paid all of $7 for mine, shipped, on eBay, and that was only because of the novelty of the piece. I can't see anyone paying $13.95 in 1988 money for these things. But I guess enough people did, as there was a 1989 set.

     These were originally packaged in clear plastic bags on cardboard hangers, and came with a wooden base to mount the Pop-Up, as well as player name, MLB and OPL (Official Player License) stickers.

     If anyone knows of any more of these, or has one that isn't listed in the checklists above, please let me know. I'd like to know who else is in the 1989 checklist and what the actual #'s are for the 1988.


      Thanks to a saved eBay search, I turned up I now have the 1988 edition for my Winfield collection.  This one came with the original packaging, but was opened and lacking the base and stickers.


  1. I have the 1988 #7 Dwight Gooden and #5 Darryl Strawberry with the wooden bases. Can't find much other than what you've found.

  2. I'd love to find the Mattinglys for both years. Keeping my eyes out on ebay. mattinglylist.com