28 April 2012

Japanese baseball card box break videos

     While I am probably one of the last people to delve into the online video box break scene, now that I've finally started watching some of these, I realized there was the usual gap in the hobby's awareness due to the language barrier.  To help with that a bit, I'd first like to direct you to the YouTube channel for user TakaTanakaGiants.  He's an American teacher, baseball fan and card collector currently living in Japan.  As such, he has access to the wonderful world of Japanese trading cards, and has been posting videos of his finds for the past several months.

     In addition to just busting packs and boxes, he is also an active trader and has sold packs from Japanese boxes recently. Just keep in mind he is in Japan, so you're dealing with international shipping.Here's a recent video of him opening a couple of the new 2012 BBM 1st Version baseball cards:

     While Mr. TakaTanakaGiants is relatively new to Japanese baseball and the products, his videos are in English, which is a plus for most of the audience of this blog.  For a more experienced perspective (albeit in Japanese), MINT Collectibles, the chain of sports memorabilia stores in Japan, also posts box breaks from their store on their website.

     Recently they've busted boxes of 2012 Owners League:

and 2012 BBM Rookie Edition:

     With a little creative searching, there are also lots of Japanese collectors posting pack and box break videos on YouTube and various other social video sites. Yet another way to make a global hobby a little more accessible.  Here are a few I found after a few minutes of searching:

2012 BBM 1st Edition box break

2011 BBM 1st Edition box break

2011 Calbee Konami Football All Stars J League

2011 Calbee Baseball

2011 Konami Baseball Heroes Shine Star Heat Up Version

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