19 April 2012

A signature and a surplus of silk...starring Dave Winfield

      I try not to do it very often, but this past week I picked up a larger lot for a single item.   I was unaware of the existence of the above piece until I saw this lot, so I dropped the minimum $9.99 bid.  I'm not really sure what the proper terminology is for this, but it is the "postcard" version of the Z Silk cachet for the 9th Freehold Classic Sports Memorabilia Show.  A little Googling turns up several similar cards for other players, connected to other "Sports Memorabilia Shows" such as:

Buck Leonard (Big Apple III, postmarked New York, NY, 11/27/1983)
Carl Yastrzemski (postmarked Foxboro, MA 2/4/1984)
 Joe Collins (Sheraton II, Sports Memorabilia Show, postmarked Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 2/4/1984)
Bobby Thomson (postmarked Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, 3/24/1984)
Keith Hernandez (La Guardia, postmarked Flushing, NY 7/7/1984)
Willie Mays (10th Freehold Classic Sports Memorabilia Show, postmarked Freehold, NJ 7/15/1984)
Ted Williams (15th Delaware Valley Sports Collectors Show, postmarked King of Prussia, PA 12/1/84)
Mickey Mantle (New Brunswick, New Jersey, Baseball Card Show postmarked New Brunswick, NJ, 1/19/1985)
Ted Williams & Joe DiMaggio (Rody II, postmarked West Warwick, RI, 5/24/1985)
Luis Aparacio (Big Apple IV, New York, New York)

     From a Legendary Auctions listing from 2009, there were over 50 of these issued from 1983-1985.

     I guess that means I now have the "set" as I'd picked up the envelope/cover version awhile back.

     Meanwhile in the "I Don't Know if it's Real and Don't Really Care" Department, this beauty arrived in the post today:

    It's 4"x8", blank-backed and apparently issued in 1991 and signed by Mr. Winfield.  I had no competition on the item when it was on eBay, and the signature looked good, but since this is another of those rare, probably team-issued photos that are almost never documented, I didn't really care if it was authentic.  Upon arrival, I discovered that the autograph was part of the image, and have subsequently found similar photos for several other Angels team members.

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  1. I have a 1985 Mantle and 1984 Mays if any is looking for them or if they know the value