30 October 2012

Checklist Translations: 1992 Chinese Professional Baseball League

     Moving on to 1992, and comprising at least 110 cards. For the first time, team logos are displayed on the front, and I suppose a brand logo (?) of sorts on the top left.  The only color scheme for this issue is on the players' names in the upper right corner on the front.  As with previous years, the cards are plastic with rounded corners.  A special album was issued to hold the set and was available to order on the backs of the 5-card packs.

The set is described in this blog post:

The cards can be seen in this album:

The card front and back:

     As mentioned previously, the cards have been numbered in the order they appear in the album, but the actual set is unnumbered.  The cards do have player uniform numbers on the back.  Thanks to Ralph Pearce and Michael Westbay over at JapaneseBaseball.com, with data from one KT Chiu of the mostly defunct TWBaseball.info, this checklist is now complete.

Number Chinese Name Team
1 何良志 Liang-ju Ho Mercuries Tigers
2 沙勒 Julio Solano Mercuries Tigers
3 林仲秋 Chung-Chiu Lin Mercuries Tigers
4 林振賢 Jun-shien Lin Mercuries Tigers
5 侯明坤 Ming-kun Ho Mercuries Tigers
6 哥雅 Leo Garcia Mercuries Tigers
7 徐整當 Chen-Tang Hsu Mercuries Tigers
8 涂忠男 Jong-Nan Twu Mercuries Tigers
9 涂鴻欽 Hung-Chin Tu Mercuries Tigers
10 祕力 John Miglio Mercuries Tigers
11 翁豐堉 Fong-yu Ong Mercuries Tigers
12 康明杉 Ming-shan Kang Mercuries Tigers
13 康雷 Angel Gonzalez Mercuries Tigers
14 許錫華 Shi-Hua Shu Mercuries Tigers
15 陳正中 Cheng-chung Chen Mercuries Tigers
16 陳明德 Ming-duh Chen Mercuries Tigers
17 游宗龍 Chong-long Yo Mercuries Tigers
18 黃世明 Shu-ming Huang Mercuries Tigers
19 劉義傳 Yi-chuan Lu Mercuries Tigers
20 黃武雄 Wu-Shiung Huang Mercuries Tigers
21 蔡生豐 Shun-fon Tsai Mercuries Tigers
22 蔣坤珄 Kun-shun Chang Mercuries Tigers
23 藍文成 Wen-chun Lan Mercuries Tigers
24 鄭幸生 Shin-sun Chang Mercuries Tigers
25 羅維 Gilberto Reyes Mercuries Tigers
26 譚信民 Shin-Ming Tan Mercuries Tigers
27 霸多 Al Pardo Mercuries Tigers
28 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias Mercuries Tigers
29 大羅曼 Jose Roman Brother Elephants
30 王光輝 Guang-Hui Wang Brother Elephants
31 王俊郎 Jun-Lang Wang Brother Elephants
32 尼洛 Ravelo Manzanillo Brother Elephants
33 克魯茲 Hector de la Cruz Brother Elephants
34 吳俊達 Te-Shen Wu Brother Elephants
35 吳英偉 Yin-wei Wu Brother Elephants
36 吳復連 Fu-Lien Wu Brother Elephants
37 李文傳 Wen-tron Lee Brother Elephants
38 李居明 Chu-Ming Lee Brother Elephants
39 林百亨 Bau-hun Lin Brother Elephants
40 林易增 I-Tseng Lin Brother Elephants
41 帝波 Freddy Tiburcio Brother Elephants
42 查維 Pedro Chavez Brother Elephants
43 洪一中 I-Chung Hong Brother Elephants
44 張永昌 Yon-chang Chang Brother Elephants
45 陳彥成 Yen-chen Chen Brother Elephants
46 陳琦豐 Chi-fong Chen Brother Elephants
47 陳逸松 I-shong Chen Brother Elephants
48 陳義信 Yi-Hsin Chen Brother Elephants
49 陳憲章 Shien-jong Chen Brother Elephants
50 森下正夫 Nobushige Morishita Brother Elephants
51 黃廣琪 Kwang-chi Huang Brother Elephants
52 愛迪生 Edinson Renteria Brother Elephants
53 鄧肯 Calvin Duncan Brother Elephants
54 瓊茲 Al Jones Brother Elephants
55 小川宗直 Munenao Kogawa Wei Chuan Dragons
56 史東 Joe Strong Wei Chuan Dragons
57 吉彌 James Aylward Wei Chuan Dragons
58 艾勃 Milton Harper Wei Chuan Dragons
59 呂明賜 Ming-Tsu Lu Wei Chuan Dragons
60 李安熙 An-hsi Li Wei Chuan Dragons
61 林光宏 Kuang-hong Lin Wei Chuan Dragons
62 林琨瑋 Kun-wei Lin Wei Chuan Dragons
63 勃朗 Darrell Brown Wei Chuan Dragons
64 洪正欽 Cheng-Chin Hong Wei Chuan Dragons
65 孫昭立 Chao-li Sun Wei Chuan Dragons
66 徐生明 Sheng-Ming Hsu Wei Chuan Dragons
67 馬斯 Mathis Huff Wei Chuan Dragons
68 張見發 Chien-Fah Chang Wei Chuan Dragons
69 郭建霖 Kuo Chien-lin Wei Chuan Dragons
70 陳金茂 Chin-Mou Chen Wei Chuan Dragons
71 斐得 Rafael Montalvo Wei Chuan Dragons
72 陽介仁 Chieh-ren Yang Wei Chuan Dragons
73 黃平洋 Ping-yang Huang Wei Chuan Dragons
74 黃清文 Ching-wen Huang Wei Chuan Dragons
75 黃煚隆 Chong-lung Huang Wei Chuan Dragons
76 賈西 Longo Garcia Wei Chuan Dragons
77 鮑勃 Bobby Moore Wei Chuan Dragons
78 羅世幸 Shi-Xing Ro Wei Chuan Dragons
79 卡羅 Juan Castillo Uni-President Lions
80 余富誠 Fu-chen Yu Uni-President Lions
81 吳林煉 Lin-lien Wu Uni-President Lions
82 呂文生 Wen-Sheng Liu Uni-President Lions
83 宋榮泰 Yung-Tai Sung Uni-President Lions
84 李坤哲 Kun-juh Lee Uni-President Lions
85 李豪 Cecilio Guante Uni-President Lions
86 杜福明 Fu-Ming Tu Uni-President Lions
87 汪俊良 Jun-liang Wang Uni-President Lions
88 林克 Francisco Laureano Uni-President Lions
89 阿Q Jose Cano Uni-President Lions
90 孫長川 Chang-chuan Sun Uni-President Lions
91 徐育鉉 Yi-shen Shu Uni-President Lions
92 耿健輝 Gen-hwei Gun Uni-President Lions
93 郭進興 Chin-Hsing Kuo Uni-President Lions
94 陳政賢 Cheng-Hsien Chen Uni-President Lions
95 曾信誠 Hsin-Cheng Tseng Uni-President Lions
96 曾智偵 Chi-Chen Tseng Uni-President Lions
97 湯尼 Tony Metoyer Uni-President Lions
98 童健勝 Chien-Sheng Tung Uni-President Lions
99 瑞奇 Enrique Burgos Uni-President Lions
100 葉福榮 Fu-long Yieh Uni-President Lions
101 廖照鎔 Chao-long Liao Uni-President Lions
102 鄧耀華 Yaohua Deng Uni-President Lions
103 鄭百勝 Bai-chun Chang Uni-President Lions
104 鄭昆吉 Kuen-chi Cheng Uni-President Lions
105 賴崇光 Chong-kwang Lai Uni-President Lions
106 謝佳訓 Ja-shun Shie Uni-President Lions
107 謝長亨 Chang-Heng Hsieh Uni-President Lions
108 羅克 Carlos Delacruz Uni-President Lions
109 羅敏卿 Min-Ching Lo Uni-President Lions
110 羅曼 Pedro Roman Uni-President Lions

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