20 November 2012

Checklist Translations: 1996/97 ProCard Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) Series One

     While this set covers the 1996 season, and shows 1996 on the front, it was actually released in early 1997.  Roughly 25,000 boxes were produced with 36 packs per box and 10 cards per pack.  Of the two sets issued by the main manufacturer in 1997, this was the cheaper set.  The set consists of 258 cards.  The set is broken down as follows:

001-175 cover the base cards for each team
176-181 are the team logo cards
182-187 are the Team MVPs (limited to 5000)
188 is a redemption card for a gold version of the MVP of the Year (limited to 5000)
190-211 are the various statistical highlights and record breakers for 1996 (limited to 6000)
212-220 are the 1996 statistical leaders
223-229 are the die-cut Golden Glove Award winners
230-238 are the Best Nine selections (limited to 10,000)
239-246 are acetate cards of the monthly MVP award winners (limited to 10,000)
247-258 cover post season champs, CPBL HR milestones and the big yearly awards (mostly limited to 10,000)

     There was also an insert set, limited to 999 cards, covering the nine league leaders (effectively the same players as cards 212-220).  These have the look of a commemorative stamp, with a perforated color photo in the center of the card.

The set is described in this blog post:

The league leader and award winner subsets are shown here:

The die-cut Golden Glove Award cards can be seen here:

The cards can be seen in this album:

The standard base card front and back:
Pascual PerezSheng-Feng Tsai

     Below is the checklist as I've managed to construct so far. The scans in the album cover only the base cards through #001-175. I will update this checklist as I find good English versions for each player. If anyone would be willing to assist, that would be greatly appreciated!

Number Chinese English Team
001 鄭百勝 Pai-Chung Chang Uni-President Lions
002 李坤哲 Kun-Che Li Uni-President Lions
003 呂文生 Wen-Sheng Liu Uni-President Lions
004 林克 Francisco Laureano Uni-President Lions
005 吳思賢 Shih-Hsih Wu Uni-President Lions
006 羅敏卿 Min-Ching Lo Uni-President Lions
007 謝佳訓 Chia-Hsun Hsieh Uni-President Lions
008 耿健輝 Gen-Hui Gun Uni-President Lions
009 賀亮德 Cesar Hernandez Uni-President Lions
010 羅偉 Hector Roa Uni-President Lions
011 羅國璋 Kuo-Chang Lo Uni-President Lions
012 謝長亨 Chang-Heng Hsieh Uni-President Lions
013 宋榮泰 Yung-Tai Sung Uni-President Lions
014 哈山 Jesus Hernandez Uni-President Lions
015 江泰權 Tai-Chuan Chian Uni-President Lions
016 曾智偵 Chi-Chen Tseng Uni-President Lions
017 吳林煉 Lin-Lien Wu Uni-President Lions
018 雷猛 Don Lemon Uni-President Lions
019 陳文賓 Wen-Bin Chen Uni-President Lions
020 馬漢 Marcos Vasquez Uni-President Lions
021 郭進興 Chin-Hsing Kuo Uni-President Lions
022 百力 Brandy Vann Uni-President Lions
023 陳政賢 Cheng-Hsien Chen Uni-President Lions
024 吳俊良 Chun-Liang Wu Uni-President Lions
025 王杰 Raul Catedral Uni-President Lions
026 許克勤 Mark Grant Uni-President Lions
027 楊章鑫 Chang-Hsin Yang China Times Eagles
028 王光熙 Kuang-Shih Wang China Times Eagles
029 曾貴章 Kuei-Chang Tseng China Times Eagles
030 邱啟成 Chi-Cheng Chiu China Times Eagles
031 吳俊賢 Chun-Hsien Wu China Times Eagles
032 多情 Dave Turgeon China Times Eagles
033 曾政雄 Cheng-Hsiung Tseng China Times Eagles
034 黃裕登 Yu-Teng Huang China Times Eagles
035 郭建成 Chien-Cheng Kuo China Times Eagles
036 陳慶國 Ching-Kuo Chen China Times Eagles
037 廖敏雄 Ming-Hsiung Liao China Times Eagles
038 李聰富 Tsong-Fu Li China Times Eagles
039 陳執信 Chi-Hsin Chen China Times Eagles
040 尤伸評 Shen-Ping You China Times Eagles
041 卓琨原 Kun-Yuan Chuo China Times Eagles
042 愷文 Calvin Jones China Times Eagles
043 謝奇勳 Chi-Hsun Hsieh China Times Eagles
044 丹尼歐 Denio Gonzalez China Times Eagles
045 喬治 George Hinshaw China Times Eagles
046 褚志遠 Chih-Yuan Chu China Times Eagles
047 大瑞 Pascual Perez China Times Eagles
048 張正憲 Cheng-Hsien Chang China Times Eagles
049 史東 Joe Strong China Times Eagles
050 馬丁尼 José Martínez China Times Eagles
051 凱樂 Carlos Rivera China Times Eagles
052 尼洛 Ravelo Manzanillo China Times Eagles
053 古勝吉 Kuo-Chian Ku China Times Eagles
054 黃俊傑 Chun-Chieh Huang China Times Eagles
055 呂明賜 Ming-Tsu Lu Wei Chuan Dragons
056 陳俊和 Chun-Huo Chen Wei Chuan Dragons
057 郭建霖 Kuo Chien-Lin Wei Chuan Dragons
058 羅世幸 Shi-Hsing Lo Wei Chuan Dragons
059 林光中 Kuang-Chung Lin Wei Chuan Dragons
060 孫昭立 Chao-Li Sun Wei Chuan Dragons
061 黃煚隆 Chong-Lung Huang Wei Chuan Dragons
062 李安熙 An-Hsi Li Wei Chuan Dragons
063 林琨瑋 Kun-Wei Lin Wei Chuan Dragons
064 法蘭克 Manuel Francois Wei Chuan Dragons
065 陽介仁 Chieh-Jen Yang Wei Chuan Dragons
066 洪正欽 Cheng-Chin Hong Wei Chuan Dragons
067 洪佩臻 Pei-Chen Hung Wei Chuan Dragons
068 黃文博 Wen-Po Huang Wei Chuan Dragons
069 湯興佐 Tommy Hinzo Wei Chuan Dragons
070 黃平洋 Ping-Yang Huang Wei Chuan Dragons
071 蓋瑞 Gabriel Ozuna Wei Chuan Dragons
072 葉君璋 Chun-Chang Yeh Wei Chuan Dragons
073 張見發 Chien-Fah Chang Wei Chuan Dragons
074 多力 Fred Toliver Wei Chuan Dragons
075 坎沙諾 Sil Campusano Wei Chuan Dragons
076 達瑞 Dario Perez Wei Chuan Dragons
077 席古拉 Jose Segura Wei Chuan Dragons
078 陳長陽 Chang-Yang Chen Wei Chuan Dragons
079 賈西 Mike Garcia Wei Chuan Dragons
080 大威 David Milstien Wei Chuan Dragons
081 張泰山 Tai-San Chang Wei Chuan Dragons
082 梅薩 Matt Maysey Wei Chuan Dragons
083 廖述仁 Shu-Jen Liao Wei Chuan Dragons
084 陳大順 Masahiro Taijun Wei Chuan Dragons
085 陳金茂 Chin-Mou Chen Wei Chuan Dragons
086 陳懷山 Huai-Shan Chen Brother Elephants
087 洪一中 I-Chung Hong Brother Elephants
088 董永興 Yung-Hsing Tung Brother Elephants
089 林易增 I-Tseng Lin Brother Elephants
090 吳復連 Te-Shen Wu Brother Elephants
091 陳憲章 Hsien-Chang Chen Brother Elephants
092 黃廣琪 Kuang-Chi Huang Brother Elephants
093 陳瑞昌 Jui-Chang Chen Brother Elephants
094 陳義信 Yi-Hsin Chen Brother Elephants
095 柯特 Kurt Peltzer Brother Elephants
096 路易士 Luis de los Santos Brother Elephants
097 強尼 Johnny Monnell Brother Elephants
098 李文傳 Wen-Chuan Lee Brother Elephants
099 王光輝 Guang-Hui Wang Brother Elephants
100 黃世明 Shu-Ming Huang Brother Elephants
101 邱麒璋 Chi-Chang Chiu Brother Elephants
102 葛雷諾 Sandy Guerrero Brother Elephants
103 張永昌 Yung-Chang Chang Brother Elephants
104 羅一歐 Royal Clayton Brother Elephants
105 李居明 Chu-Ming Lee Brother Elephants
106 費南德茲 Manny Hernandez Brother Elephants
107 陳逸松 Yi-Sung Chen Brother Elephants
108 瑞奇 Enrique Burgos Brother Elephants
109 威廉 Jeff Williams Brother Elephants
110 吳聲武 Sheng-Wu Wu Brother Elephants
111 克力士 Chris Bennett Brother Elephants
112 林百亨 Pai-Heng Lin Brother Elephants
113 勞勃 Bob Wishnevski Brother Elephants
114 陳琦豐 Chi-Feng Chen Brother Elephants
115 黃自強 Tsu-Chiang Huang Mercuries Tigers
116 達特 Kevin Dattola Mercuries Tigers
117 童琮輝 Tsung-Hui Tung Mercuries Tigers
118 林琨瀚 Kun-Han Lin Mercuries Tigers
119 林仲秋 Chung-Chiu Lin Mercuries Tigers
120 沈俊忠 Chun-Chung Chen Mercuries Tigers
121 羅魁 Urbano Lugo Mercuries Tigers
122 陳該發 Kai-Fa Chen Mercuries Tigers
123 周德賢 Te-Hsien Chou Mercuries Tigers
124 康雷 Angel Gonzalez Mercuries Tigers
125 帝傑 José DeJesús Mercuries Tigers
126 鄧耀華 Yaohua Deng Mercuries Tigers
127 侯明坤 Ming-Kun Hou Mercuries Tigers
128 涂鴻欽 Hung-Chin Tu Mercuries Tigers
129 翁豐堉 Fong-yu Ong Mercuries Tigers
130 劉義傳 Yi-Chuan Lu Mercuries Tigers
131 克力 Steve Curry Mercuries Tigers
132 何良志 Liang-Chih He Mercuries Tigers
133 康明杉 Ming-Shan Kang Mercuries Tigers
134 蔡生豐 Sheng-Feng Tsai Mercuries Tigers
135 藍文成 Wen-Chun Lan Mercuries Tigers
136 黃武雄 Wu-Shiung Huang Mercuries Tigers
137 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias Mercuries Tigers
138 蔣坤珄 Kun-Shun Chang Mercuries Tigers
139 哥雅 Leo Garcia Mercuries Tigers
140 威利 Frank Gonzales Mercuries Tigers
141 徐整當 Chen-Tang Hsu Mercuries Tigers
142 狄福 Charles Devereux Mercuries Tigers
143 許錫華 Shi-Hua Shu Mercuries Tigers
144 班固 Omar Bencomo Mercuries Tigers
145 楊福群 Fu-Chun Yang Mercuries Tigers
146 陳明德 Ming-Te Chen Mercuries Tigers
147 孫光義 Kuang-Yi Sun Mercuries Tigers
148 張建勳 Chien-Hsun Chang Sinon Bulls
149 陳威成 Wei-Cheng Chen Sinon Bulls
150 克魯茲 Hector de la Cruz Sinon Bulls
151 白昆弘 Kun-Hung Pai Sinon Bulls
152 王俊郎 Jun-Lang Wang Sinon Bulls
153 張耀騰 Yao-Teng Chang Sinon Bulls
154 里昂 Elcilio Deleon Sinon Bulls
155 湯尼 Tony Metoyer Sinon Bulls
156 奧古斯都 Don August Sinon Bulls
157 黃忠義 Chung-Yi Huang Sinon Bulls
158 魔登 Kevin Morton Sinon Bulls
159 黃杉楹 Sha-Ying Huang Sinon Bulls
160 羅強 Ron Jones Sinon Bulls
161 廖俊銘 Chun-Ming Liao Sinon Bulls
162 開農 Sergio Cairo Sinon Bulls
163 張天麟 Tian-Lin Chang Sinon Bulls
164 阿格多 Aguedo Vasquez Sinon Bulls
165 吳哲宗 Zhe-Zong Wu Sinon Bulls
166 王傳家 Chuen-Chia Wang Sinon Bulls
167 柯林頓 Dar Smith Sinon Bulls
168 張協進 Hsieh-Chin Chang Sinon Bulls
169 林朝煌 Chao-Huang Lin Sinon Bulls
170 賴有亮 Yu-Liang Lai Sinon Bulls
171 陳彥成 Yen-Cheng Chen Sinon Bulls
172 來加 Chris Nygaard Sinon Bulls
173 張家豪 Chia-Hao Chang Sinon Bulls
174 張文宗 Wen-Chung Chang Sinon Bulls
175 杜福明 Fu-Ming Tu Sinon Bulls
Uni-President Lions Uni-President Lions
China Times Eagles China Times Eagles
Wei Chuan Dragons Wei Chuan Dragons
Brother Elephants Brother Elephants
Mercuries Tigers Mercuries Tigers
Sinon Bulls Sinon Bulls
182 郭進興 Chin-Hsing Kuo (Team MVP) Uni-President Lions
183 曾貴章 Kuei-Chang Tseng (Team MVP) China Times Eagles
184 呂明賜 Ming-Tsu Lu (Team MVP) Wei Chuan Dragons
185 李居明 Chu-Ming Lee (Team MVP) Brother Elephants


188 郭進興 Chin-Hsing Kuo (MVP) Uni-President Lions

190 羅偉 Hector Roa (Record Breaking) Uni-President Lions
 (Record Breaking)
 (Record Breaking)
 (Record Breaking)
 (Record Breaking)
195 李聰富 Tsong-Fu Li (Record Breaking) China Times Eagles
 (Record Breaking)
197 呂明賜 Ming-Tsu Lu (Record Breaking) Wei Chuan Dragons
198 呂明賜 Ming-Tsu Lu (Record Breaking) Wei Chuan Dragons
 (Record Breaking)
 (Record Breaking)
 (Record Breaking)
 (Record Breaking)
203 瑞奇 Enrique Burgos (Record Breaking) Brother Elephants
204 瑞奇 Enrique Burgos (Record Breaking) Brother Elephants
205 勞勃 Bob Wishnevski (Record Breaking) Brother Elephants
 (Record Breaking)
 (Record Breaking)
208 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias (Record Breaking) Mercuries Tigers
209 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias (Record Breaking) Mercuries Tigers
210 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias (Record Breaking) Mercuries Tigers
211 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias (Record Breaking) Mercuries Tigers
212 郭進興 Chin-Hsing Kuo (Wins Leader) Uni-President Lions
213 勞勃 Bob Wishnevski (ERA Leader) Brother Elephants
214 勞勃 Bob Wishnevski (Saves Leader) Brother Elephants
215 賈西 Mike Garcia (K Leader) Wei Chuan Dragons
216 路易士 Luis de los Santos (Hit Leader) Brother Elephants
217 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias (RBI Leader) Mercuries Tigers
218 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias (HR Leader) Mercuries Tigers
219 曾貴章 Kuei-Chang Tseng (Batting Leader) China Times Eagles
220 賀亮德 Cesar Hernandez (SB Leader) Uni-President Lions


223 黃忠義 Chung-Yi Huang (Golden Glove) Sinon Bulls
224 吳復連 Te-Shen Wu (Golden Glove) Brother Elephants
225 羅偉 Hector Roa (Golden Glove) Uni-President Lions
226 羅國璋 Kuo-Chang Lo (Golden Glove) Uni-President Lions
227 曾貴章 Kuei-Chang Tseng (Golden Glove) China Times Eagles
228 陳該發 Kai-Fa Chen (Golden Glove) Mercuries Tigers
229 王傳家 Chuen-Chia Wang (Golden Glove) Jungo Bears
230 郭進興 Chin-Hsing Kuo (Best Nine) Uni-President Lions
231 曾智偵 Chi-Chen Tseng (Best Nine) Uni-President Lions
232 王光輝 Guang-Hui Wang (Best Nine) Brother Elephants
233 黃忠義 Chung-Yi Huang (Best Nine) Sinon Bulls
234 鷹俠 Luis Iglesias (Best Nine) Mercuries Tigers
235 葛雷諾 Sandy Guerrero (Best Nine) Brother Elephants
236 曾貴章 Kuei-Chang Tseng (Best Nine) China Times Eagles
237 坎沙諾 Sil Campusano (Best Nine) Wei Chuan Dragons
238 王傳家 Chuen-Chia Wang (Best Nine) Sinon Bulls
239 李居明 Chu-Ming Lee (March MVP) Brother Elephants
240 謝長亨 Chang-Heng Hsieh (April MVP) Uni-President Lions
241 郭進興 Chin-Hsing Kuo (June MVP) Uni-President Lions
242 郭進興 Chin-Hsing Kuo (May MVP) Uni-President Lions
243 路易士 Luis de los Santos (July MVP) Brother Elephants
244 黃文博 Wen-Po Huang (August MVP) Wei Chuan Dragons
245 丹尼歐 Denio Gonzalez (September MVP) China Times Eagles
246 羅偉 Hector Roa (October MVP) Uni-President Lions


Uni-President Lions CPBL Champions Uni-President Lions
250 郭進興 Chin-Hsing Kuo Uni-President Lions
251 大石彌太郎 Yataro Oishi (Manager of the Year) Uni-President Lions
252 黃文博 Wen-Po Huang (Most Improved) Wei Chuan Dragons
253 張泰山 Tai-San Chang (ROY) Wei Chuan Dragons
254 李居明 Chu-Ming Lee (No. 1800 HR) Brother Elephants
255 坎沙諾 Sil Campusano (No. 1900 HR) Wei Chuan Dragons
256 沈俊忠 Chun-Chung Chen (No. 2000 HR) Mercuries Tigers
257 洪一中 I-Chung Hong (No. 2100 HR) Brother Elephants
258 陳慶國 Ching-Kuo Chen (No. 2200 HR) China Times Eagles


  1. Wow - it turns out I have two Taiwanese cards of Tony Metoyer - one from 1990 and one from this set.

    I think the team cards came immediately after what you have listed. I have the Lions team card and it's #176. If they follow the way BBM does their card numbering (ordering by previous year's final standings), #177 will be the Eagles team card, #178 will be the Dragons, then the Elephants, Tigers and Bulls.

  2. your links are still pointing to the info for the previous post

    1. Ah, thanks for that. The links have been fixed.

  3. Looking for Checklist for 1997 Pro-Card CPBL set that looks like (Topps Chrome)... and Inserts... I have a whole box of these Cards... Thanks

    1. That would be this set, I guess: http://jackli7751.pixnet.net/blog/post/28016389

      So far I haven't had much luck finding information for filling out the checklist, but since you are asking, I will start a post this evening and maybe you can help me fill in the huge gaps. I think technically the set is called "Baseball Hall of Fame" (that is what the small type above "Chinese Pro-Baseball" says on the wrapper), so I'll probably go with "1997 ProCard CPBL Baseball Hall of Fame".