06 December 2016

Clyde's Stale News II

     For the first time ever, Panini is FINALLY issuing a baseball sticker set for a country other than the US or Venezuela.  Panini will be producing a sticker set and album for Liga de Beisbol Dominicano (LIDOM) this season.

     This will be the first Dominican set since Lime Rock's Dominican Winter Baseball set way back in 1993.  I sincerely hope this set is successful to the point we might see similar sets for Puerto Rico and Mexico, and maybe a fresh set for Venezuela (though with their economy, that may not happen any time soon).  For the company with the most worldwide coverage, it is a shame that Panini doesn't produce more baseball sets around the world.

     As yet, they have not announced a release date, and all of the references to this I can find on various sites are basically just a rehash of the press release.

     In other news, yes, I am aware of all of the broken images across the blog.  Once Google finally killed Picasa, I tried to figure out how to re-link all of the images with Google Photos, but then I found that before it died, Picasa had uploaded every picture on my computer to Google Photos!  Not only that, but apparenty the default "album" there is just time stamped based on when the images were uploaded.  As there were so many tens of thousands of images, with no useful organization whatsoever, I just deleted all of the images from Google Photos and am in the process of re-posting all of them directly to the blog itself.  It will be a slow process (especially for box break posts), but I will get them back online.

     If you haven't already discovered it, Dan Skrezyna has re-launched his Korean baseball card blog (formerly KBOCards.blogspot.com) as KoreanCardboard.blogspot.com.  In addition to his posts on the recent baseball card sets being issued in Korea, Dan is also filling in his collection of older Korean cards, and posting about those as well.  I'm glad to see someone who actually lives in Korea able to post about the hobby there.  In a language I can read.

    In addition to Dan, a new Korean hobby blog has been launched by "George" called KBO Collections (https://kbocollections.blogspot.com).  George also lives in Korea and is an avid Doosan Bears fan.  Welcome to the community, George!

     The official CPBL blog has begun posting release information about the upcoming CPBL set covering the 2015 season.  Pre-orders started in early November, and the cards should actually go on-sale this week in Taiwan and 7-Elevens and other participating retailers.  Only a couple of card images have been posted so far, showing some parallels included in the packs.  They will likely have most of the set images posted by the end of December.

      In the to-do list, I'm working on some new posts in my long delayed hobby publication index.  I've got draft posts in-progress for 1982-1985 for Baseball Cards magazine.  I had been planning to wait until I had all the issues for each year, but then a few years passed and I never picked up the missing issues.  So I will just post what I have and update them whenever I get the missing issues.  No one has commented on the posts I did for 1986 & 1987, but they do get a fair amount of traffic, so I'm assuming there is at least some interest.  I plan to do similar posts for Tuff Stuff, Beckett, Baseball Hobby News and Baseball Card News as time (and motivation) permits.

      If you never saw the posts I'm referring to they are here:


  1. Look forward to using your indexes. I love reading old issue of baseball card magazines. Right now I'm going through a few of my back issues of Topps Magazine from the early 90's.

    1. If you have any thoughts as to how they could be more useful, please let me know.