08 January 2010

2000 Epoch Pro Baseball box break (pack 13)

Another pack that only adds 5 new cards.

Score! Kenji Johjima, the best catcher in Japan who signed with the Seattle Mariners to be come a pretty average catcher in America. Y'know, as many have said before, catcher would have to be about the most difficult position to transition between leagues for a player who isn't necessarily fluent in English/Spanish. The catcher basically runs the game, and has to command respect and inspire confidence in the pitcher. I also think a lot of that stress (of not being able to play up to his ability) is part of what caused Johjima's hitting to fall off in MLB.

But now, he's gone home, so it will be very interesting to see if he can pick up where he left off and be the All-Star calibre player he was 4 years ago.

Doubles: Elvira, Kimura, Yamamoto, Nagai, 065PZ (Kimiyasu Kudoh puzzle piece)

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