04 January 2010

2000 Epoch Pro Baseball stickers box break (pack 5)

Tadahito Iguchi - Solid, Best Nine-calibre second-bagger who only did passably in MLB. Returned home to play for the Marines in 2009 and returned to form.

Takaya Kawauchi

Kazuo Matsui - Huge star in Japan, not so much in MLB.

Akihiro Higashide - steady hitting infielder, so far has played 11 years with Hiroshima.

Shikato Yanagita - spent a year in Salinas prior to his NPB career.

Nobuyuki Hoshino - solid starting pitcher who anchored the rotation of the Hankyu/Orix Braves/BlueWave for the better part of 15 years.

Another piece of Jerald Clark's brother's puzzle.

Susumu Ohtomo - Probably the only people who have even heard of Susumu Ohtomo are dedidated Seibu Lions fans. Started out in 1996 with very promising numbers, only to go downhill each year following.

Doubles: Tony Fernandez & Toshiro Yufune

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