04 January 2010

2000 Epoch Pro Baseball stickers box break (pack 7)

Looking over the previous posts, I thought something was missing. In the previous six packs, I didn't get a single Chiba Lotte Marine! Well, that's sorted out here, as two dropped from pack #7, in the shape of Shimizu and Hori. Shigeo Nagashima (here as the manager of his old team the Yomiuri Giants) is definitely the score in the lot. Despite Sadaharu Oh getting all the notoriety in the USA for the home runs, Nagashima is the more popular of the two back home in Japan. Sure Oh is special, but Nagashima is something of a national treasure in Japan, sort of like Giant Baba or Rikidozan for wrestling fans.

No, sir. I'm afraid I have absolutely no idea who my audience is.

Judging from the number of stickers present, I apparently filed the actual stickers before logging who the doubles were. Let that be a lesson to you. Something.

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