09 January 2010

2000 Epoch Pro Baseball stickers box break (pack 15)

Halfway through the break, and there are more doubles than new cards. Perhaps that's offset by getting another glittery Star Player sticker, this time of Yukio Tanaka de los Marines Fighters (I guess I should pay more attention!  My apologies to Fighters fans everywhere!). And Atsuya Furuta was no slouch, either as the star catcher of the Swallows for some 15 years. He even played on the 1988 Japanese Olympic team.

Doubles: Takahashi, Obando, Neel, Kuji, Mutoh, Atsushi Kataoka puzzle piece


  1. [cries]

    You just called Yukio "Mr. Fighters" Tanaka, the dude who got all of his 2000+ hits with the Fighters, a player for the Marines. Ouch.

  2. Good catch! After 150 stickers, the pin stripes started to blur (and I used to be a Yankee fan!).