16 May 2013

Checklist Translations: 1991 Lotte Gum Baseball Kings

      Taking a break from the Taiwanese sets, we venture over to South Korea and find this small set for the Korea Baseball Organization from the Lotte Gum company.  In 1991, Lotte Gum (롯데 껌) produced this 50-card "Baseball Kings" (야구 왕) set, featuring 10 cards per team, in packs of 2 cards and a piece of bubble gum for 200 won.  Packs can be found in red/orange, green, blue, purple and yellow.  Oddly some of the packs have images from MLB on the back.

Each pack contained cards from a single team:

Green (Cal Ripken, Jr./Mickey Tettleton/Gregg Olson on the box): Pacific Dolphins
Purple (generic batter on box): OB Bears
Blue (generic pitcher on box): Lotte Giants
Red/Orange (Mark Lemke? on the box): Binggrae Eagles
Yellow (Roberto Clemente on the box): Ssangbangwool Raiders


    The cards are fairly reminiscent of Calbee designs, but with a facsimile autograph on the front and the expected stats and biographical information on the back.  Despite the gum being packaged in its own plastic wrapper, a lot of the images I found of cards looked stained like this.  Not sure if this is from the gum, or just general poor handling by the owner.

    You can see some very good scans at this Korean blog, but the actual post isn't all that useful:


    As I scoured the web to compile the checklist, I even found this Korean television commercial for the set on another blog:


     Here is the checklist.  Much like names in Chinese, I've also found the English versions of Korean names to be somewhat fluid as the years go by, so the names below may not always be consistent with what you may find in your own searches, depending on the age of the resource you find.  At least the Korean version hasn't changed.  As usual, I've listed the names western-style as they can be found in the SportsCardForum.com Inventory Manager and at TradingCardDB.com.

Number Korean Name Team
1 정명원 Myeong-Won Jeong Pacific Dolphins
2 Dong-Ki Kim Pacific Dolphins
3 원원근 Won-geun Won Pacific Dolphins
4 이희성 Hei-Seong Lee Pacific Dolphins
5 양상문 Sang-Mun Yang Pacific Dolphins
6 김경기 Kyeong-Ki Kim Pacific Dolphins
7 이선웅 Seon-Ung Lee Pacific Dolphins
8 최창호 Chang-Ho Choi Pacific Dolphins
9 박정현 Jeong-Hyeon Park Pacific Dolphins
10 염경엽 Kyeong-Yeob Yeom Pacific Dolphins
11 김상호 Sang-Ho Kim OB Bears
12 박노준 No-Jun Park OB Bears
13 김형석 Hyeong-Seok Kim OB Bears
14 김광수 Kwang-Soo Kim OB Bears
15 박철순 Cheol-Sun Park OB Bears
16 구동우 Dong-Woo Goo OB Bears
17 김동현 Hyeon-Dong Kim OB Bears
18 김경문 Kyung-Moon Kim OB Bears
19 김광림 Kwang-Rim Kim OB Bears
20 김명수 Myeong-Soo Kim OB Bears
21 이강돈 Kang-Don Lee Binggrae Eagles
22 한희민 Hyi-Min Han Binggrae Eagles
23 유승안 Seung-An Yu Binggrae Eagles
24 이상군 Sang-Kun Lee Binggrae Eagles
25 장종훈 Jong-Hoon Jang Binggrae Eagles
26 용덕한 Yong-Deok Han Binggrae Eagles
27 송전우 Jin-Woo Song Binggrae Eagles
28 강석천 Seok-Cheon Kang Binggrae Eagles
29 김상국 Sang-Gug Kim Binggrae Eagles
30 이정훈 Jeong-Hun Lee Binggrae Eagles
31 김청수 Cheong-Soo Kim Lotte Giants
32 김응국 Yeung-Kuk Kim Lotte Giants
33 장효조 Hyo-Jo Jang Lotte Giants
34 윤학길 Hag-Gil Yun Lotte Giants
35 박동희 Dong-Hyi Park Lotte Giants
36 오대석 Dae-Seok Oh Lotte Giants
37 한영준 Young-Jun Han Lotte Giants
38 박정태 Jeong-Tae Park Lotte Giants
39 김민호 Min-Ho Kim Lotte Giants
40 전준호 Jun-Ho Jeon Lotte Giants
41 조규제 Kyu-Jea Cho Ssangbangwool Raiders
42 조용호 Yong-Ho Cho Ssangbangwool Raiders
43 김기태 Ki-Tae Kim Ssangbangwool Raiders
44 김만후 Man-Hu Kim Ssangbangwool Raiders
45 김호근 Ho-Guen Kim Ssangbangwool Raiders
46 송인호 In-Ho Song Ssangbangwool Raiders
47 김평호 Pyeong-Ho Kim Ssangbangwool Raiders
48 박상기 Sang-Ki Park Ssangbangwool Raiders
49 김 호 Ho Kim Ssangbangwool Raiders
50 윤 혁 Hyoek Yun Ssangbangwool Raiders


  1. Yikes, I know that gum can go bad (liquefies)from a pack of 1989 Lotte (Japanese) I opened, so after seeing this post I carefully opened the one box of 1991 Korean cards I have. They were generous with the gum, I had six sticks of disgusting (but still sealed) gum in the box. Too bad, as it was great gum when it was fresh. Now that I think of it, I've got 30 unopened packs of 1990 Lotte (Japanese). Hmmm...

  2. 37 한영준 (Han young-jun)
    TV CF : http://www.adic.co.kr/gate/video/show.hjsp?id=W1339906&type=T

    1. Thank you so much for providing the last name for the checklist! I have updated the commercial link as well. I greatly appreciate it.