19 May 2013

Checklist Translations: 2005 CPBL 16th Chinese Professional Baseball League

     By 2005, more than 10 years had passed since the CPBL had issued its own set of baseball cards (and about 6 years since anyone had issued cards for the CPBL), and the league jumped back into the arena with a fairly nice offering.  The oddly numbered 231-card set was issued in packs of 6 cards, 24 packs per box.  I was extremely fortunate to discover this website (http://mypage.pchome.com.tw/card/super0825), and accompanying photo album site (http://photo.pchome.com.tw/super0825/), that covers almost all of the CPBL sets released since the revival of baseball cards in Taiwan.  As this set represents the 16th season of the CPBL, it is most often listed as CPBL 16.  In fact, most of the sets are now found on auction sites with the season number in the title.

     As with most CPBL sets, it is broken on to several distinct subsets: main player cards, sorted by team; 2005 award winners; golden glove winners, monthly MVPs and rookies for the 2005 season.

Photo Album for 2005 CPBL 16 set:


Base card front and back:

Jui-Chang Chen (front) Jui-Chang Chen (back)

      Thanks to the scans and details for each card in the set to be found on the Super 寶貝的名片盒 website, below is the complete checklist, with almost complete name translations.  If anyone can help fill in the few holes here, please let me know.  The in-progress checklist has been added to the SCF Inventory Manager.  Also, thanks to RyanG from This Card is Cool for the above card, yet another glimpse into his trip to Taiwan a few months back.

Number Chinese Name Team
1 余文彬 Wen-Pin Yu Sinon Bulls
2 蔡仲南 Chung-Nan Tsai Sinon Bulls
3 克提茲 Jorge Cortez Sinon Bulls
4 郭勇志 Yong-Zhi Kuo Sinon Bulls
5 飛勇 Jeff Andra Sinon Bulls
6 勇壯 Osvaldo Martinez Sinon Bulls
7 陽建福 Chien-Fu Yang Sinon Bulls
8 戰玉飛 Len Picota Sinon Bulls
9 葉君璋 Chun-Chang Yeh Sinon Bulls
10 陳宗甫 Tsung-Fu Chen Sinon Bulls
11 余進德 Chin-Te Yu Sinon Bulls
12 張家浩 Chia-Hao Chang Sinon Bulls
13 黃忠義 Chung-Yi Huang Sinon Bulls
14 曾揚岳 Yang-Yueh Tseng Sinon Bulls
15 張泰山 Tai-Shan Chang Sinon Bulls
16 王世驊 Shih-Hua Wang Sinon Bulls
17 闕樹木 Shu-Mu Chueh Sinon Bulls
18 鄭兆行 Chao-Hsing Cheng Sinon Bulls
19 邱敏舜 Min-Shuen Chiu Sinon Bulls
20 曾華偉 Hua-Wei Tseng Sinon Bulls
21 楊進雄 Chin-Hsiung Yang Sinon Bulls
22 羅松永 Sung-Yung Lo Sinon Bulls
23 張建銘 Chien-Ming Chang Sinon Bulls
24 蔡士勤 Chih-Chin Tsai Macoto Cobras
25 黃欽智 Chin-Chih Huang Macoto Cobras
26 李明進 Ming-Chin Li Macoto Cobras
27 許竹見 Chu-Chien Hsu Macoto Cobras
28 林英傑 Ying-Chieh Lin Macoto Cobras
29 楊騏嘉 Chi-Chia Yang Macoto Cobras
30 陳克帆 Ke-Fan Chen Macoto Cobras
31 吳昭輝 Chao-Hui Wu Macoto Cobras
32 施翔凱 Hsiang-Kai Shih Macoto Cobras
33 林義翔 Yi-Hsiang Lin Macoto Cobras
34 羅敏卿 Min-Ching Lo Macoto Cobras
35 郭銘仁 Ming-Jen Kuo Macoto Cobras
36 鄧蒔陽 Shih-Yang Teng Macoto Cobras
37 威拉斯 Wilton Veras Macoto Cobras
38 許聖杰 Sheng-Chieh Hsu Macoto Cobras
39 莊景賀 Ching-Ho Chuang Macoto Cobras
40 鄭景益 Ching-Yi Cheng Macoto Cobras
41 謝佳賢 Chia-Hsien Hsieh Macoto Cobras
42 黃高俊 Kao-Chun Huang Macoto Cobras
43 力歐 Mario Encarnacion Macoto Cobras
44 陳元甲 Yuan-Chia Chen Macoto Cobras
45 丘昌榮 Chang-Jung Chiu Macoto Cobras
46 楊睿智 Jui-Chih Yang Macoto Cobras
47 柯建鋒 Chien-Feng Ke Macoto Cobras
48 吳承瀚 Cheng-Han Wu Macoto Cobras
49 高龍偉 Lung-Wei Kuo Uni-President Lions
50 潘威倫 Wei-Lun Pan Uni-President Lions
51 張志強 Chih-Chiang Chang Uni-President Lions
52 曹竣揚 Chun-Yang Tsao Uni-President Lions
53 曾翊誠 Yi-Cheng Tseng Uni-President Lions
54 陳揚凱 Yang-Kai Chen Uni-President Lions
55 凱薩 Michael Garcia Uni-President Lions
56 高政華 Cheng-Hua Kao Uni-President Lions
57 葉高泉 Kao-Chuan Yeh Uni-President Lions
58 高國慶 Kuo-Ching Kao Uni-President Lions
59 陽森 Sen Yang Uni-President Lions
60 王子菘 Tzu-Sung Wang Uni-President Lions
61 陽東益 Tung-Yi Yang Uni-President Lions
62 吳佳榮 Chia-Jung Wu Uni-President Lions
63 曾揚志 Yang-Chih Tseng Uni-President Lions
64 林克 Darryl Brinkley Uni-President Lions
65 林鴻遠 Hung-Yuan Lin Uni-President Lions
66 王傳家 Chuan-Chia Wang Uni-President Lions
67 陳連宏 Lien-Hung Chen Uni-President Lions
68 黃甘霖 Kan-Lin Huang Uni-President Lions
69 劉芙豪 Fu-Hao Liu Uni-President Lions
70 張士凱 Shih-Kai Chang Brother Elephants
71 吳俊億 Chun-Yi Wu Brother Elephants
72 莊瑋全 Wei-Chuan Chuang Brother Elephants
73 劉義傳 Yi-Chuan Liu Brother Elephants
74 王勁力 Chin-Li Wang Brother Elephants
75 武德曼 Harold Woodman Brother Elephants
76 風神 Jonathan Hurst Brother Elephants
77 蕭任汶 Jen-Wen Hsiao Brother Elephants
78 潤一郎 Junichiro Mutoh Brother Elephants
79 吳保賢 Pao-Hsien Wu Brother Elephants
80 劉俊男 Chun-Nan Liu Brother Elephants
81 中入伸 Shin Nakagomi Brother Elephants
82 陳瑞昌 Jui-Chang Chen Brother Elephants
83 鄭漢禮 Han-Li Cheng Brother Elephants
84 郭一峰 Yi-Feng Kuo Brother Elephants
85 陳懷山 Huai-Shan Chen Brother Elephants
86 王金勇 Chin-Yung Wang Brother Elephants
87 蔡豐安 Feng-An Tsai Brother Elephants
88 朱鴻森 Hung-Sen Chu Brother Elephants
89 陳瑞振 Jui-Chen Chen Brother Elephants
90 許閔嵐 Min-Lan Hsu Brother Elephants
91 馮勝賢 Sheng-Hsien Feng Brother Elephants
92 彭政欣 Cheng-Hsin Peng Brother Elephants
93 許誌為 Chih-Wei Hsu Brother Elephants
94 彭政閔 Cheng-Min Peng Brother Elephants
95 李志傑 Chih-Chieh Li Brother Elephants
96 陳致遠 Chih-Yuan Chen Brother Elephants
97 王國進 Kuo-Chin Wang ChinaTrust Whales
98 高建三 Chien-San Kao ChinaTrust Whales
99 曾兆豪 Chao-Hao Tseng ChinaTrust Whales
100 謝承勳 Cheng-Hsun Hsien ChinaTrust Whales
101 達威 Dario Veras ChinaTrust Whales
102 林朝煌 Chao-Huang Lin ChinaTrust Whales
103 王信民 Shih-Ming Wang ChinaTrust Whales
104 石金受 Chin-Sho Shih ChinaTrust Whales
105 曾漢州 Han-Chou Tseng ChinaTrust Whales
106 童琮輝 Tsung-Hui Tung ChinaTrust Whales
107 陳嘉宏 Chia-Hung Chen ChinaTrust Whales
108 陳建偉 Jian-Wei Chen ChinaTrust Whales
109 王宜民 Yi-Ming Wang ChinaTrust Whales
110 鄭昌明 Chang-Ming Cheng ChinaTrust Whales
111 陳文賓 Wen-Pin Chen ChinaTrust Whales
112 紀俊麟 Chun-Lin Chi ChinaTrust Whales
113 郭岱詠 Tai-Yung Kuo ChinaTrust Whales
114 李軾揚 Shih-Yang Li ChinaTrust Whales
115 葉長龍 Chang-Lung Yeh ChinaTrust Whales
116 邱企彬 Chi-Pin Chiu ChinaTrust Whales
117 蔡昆祥 Kun-Hsiang Tsai ChinaTrust Whales
118 蔡士凡 Shih-Fan Tsai ChinaTrust Whales
119 黃貴裕 Kuei-Yu Huang ChinaTrust Whales
120 萊特 Chris Wright La New Bears
121 梁如豪 Ju-Hao Liang La New Bears
122 李風華 Feng-Hua Li La New Bears
123 吳偲佑 Szu-Yu Wu La New Bears
124 蔡茂松 Mao-Sung Tsai La New Bears
125 許文雄 Wen-Hsiung Hsu La New Bears
126 徐余偉 Yu-Wei Hsu La New Bears
127 許傳誠 Chuan-Cheng Hsu La New Bears
128 陳峰民 Feng-Ming Chen La New Bears
129 陳柏勳 Po-Hsun Chen La New Bears
130 石志偉 Ming-Yen Chang La New Bears
131 林建宏 Chien-Hung Lin La New Bears
132 沈亞倫 Ya-Lun Chen La New Bears
133 林智勝 Chih-Sheng Lin La New Bears
134 潘忠韋 Chung-Wei Pan La New Bears
135 雷歐斯 Eddie Rios La New Bears
136 周森毅 Sen-Yi Chou La New Bears
137 王建強 Chien-Chiang Wang La New Bears
138 呂俊雄 Chun-Hsiung Lu La New Bears
139 張民諺 Ming-Chieh Chang La New Bears
140 黃龍義 Lung-Yi Huang La New Bears
141 王俊文 Chun-Wen Wang La New Bears
142 蔡建偉 Chien-Wei Tsai La New Bears
143 曾恆彰 Hao-Chu Tseng La New Bears
144 高健龍 Chien-Lung Kao La New Bears
Sinon Bulls Team Records Sinon Bulls
Macoto Cobras Team Records Macoto Cobras
Uni-President Lions Team Records Uni-President Lions
Brother Elephants Team Records Brother Elephants
ChinaTrust Whales Team Records ChinaTrust Whales
La New Bears Team Records La New Bears
151 林恩宇 En-Yu Lin (ERA King) Macoto Cobras
152 戰玉飛 Len Picota (Wins Leader) Sinon Bulls
153 達威 Dario Veras (Saves King) ChinaTrust Whales
154 林英傑 Ying-Chieh Lin (Strikeout King) Macoto Cobras
155 彭政閔 Cheng-Min Peng (Batting Leader) Brother Elephants
156 謝佳賢 Chia-Hsien Hsieh (HR King) Macoto Cobras
157 張泰山 Tai-Shan Chang (HR King) Sinon Bulls
158 陽森 Sen Yang (SB King) Uni-President Lions
159 陽森 Sen Yang (Batting King) Uni-President Lions
160 林恩宇 En-Yu Lin (ROY) Macoto Cobras
161 許竹見 Chu-Chien Hsu (Most Improved) Macoto Cobras
162 林恩宇 En-Yu Lin (MVP) Macoto Cobras
163 謝佳賢 Chia-Hsien Hsieh (Silver Sligger) Macoto Cobras
164 劉榮華 Jung-Hua Liu (Manager of the Year) Sinon Bulls
165 林恩宇 En-Yu Lin (Best 10) Macoto Cobras
166 陳峰民 Feng-Ming Chen (Best 10) La New Bears
167 謝佳賢 Chia-Hsien Hsieh (Best 10) Macoto Cobras
168 陽森 Sen Yang (Best 10) Uni-President Lions
169 威納斯 Wilton Veras (Best 10) Macoto Cobras
170 鄭昌明 Chang-Ming Cheng (Best 10) ChinaTrust Whales
171 彭政閔 Cheng-Min Peng (Best 10) Brother Elephants
172 黃龍義 Lung-Yi Huang (Best 10) La New Bears
173 張建銘 Chien-Ming Chang (Best 10) Sinon Bulls
174 曾漢州 Han-Chou Tseng (Best 10) ChinaTrust Whales
175 林恩宇 En-Yu Lin (Golden Glove) Macoto Cobras
176 石金受 Chin-Sho Shih (Golden Glove) ChinaTrust Whales
177 許國隆 Guo-Long Hsu (Golden Glove) Sinon Bulls
178 馮勝賢 Sheng-Hsien Feng (Golden Glove) Brother Elephants
179 威納斯 Wilton Veras (Golden Glove) Macoto Cobras
180 鄭昌明 Chang-Ming Cheng (Golden Glove) ChinaTrust Whales
181 紀俊麟 Chun-Lin Chi (Golden Glove) ChinaTrust Whales
182 黃龍義 Lung-Yi Huang (Golden Glove) La New Bears
183 楊睿智 Jui-Chih Yang (Golden Glove) Macoto Cobras
184 勇壯 Osvaldo Martinez (March MVP) Sinon Bulls
185 蓋達 Israel Alcantara (March MVP) Uni-President Lions
186 達威 Dario Veras (April MVP) ChinaTrust Whales
187 彭政閔 Cheng-Min Peng (April MVP) Brother Elephants
188 林恩宇 En-Yu Lin (May MVP) Macoto Cobras
189 謝佳賢 Chia-Hsien Hsieh (May MVP) Macoto Cobras
190 林英傑 Ying-Chieh Lin (June MVP) Macoto Cobras
191 謝佳賢 Chia-Hsien Hsieh (June MVP) Macoto Cobras
192 林英傑 Ying-Chieh Lin (July MVP) Macoto Cobras
193 謝佳賢 Chia-Hsien Hsieh (July MVP) Macoto Cobras
194 李風華 Feng-Hua Li (August MVP) La New Bears
195 潘忠韋 Chung-Wei Pan (August MVP) La New Bears
196 高建三 Chien-San Kao (September MVP) ChinaTrust Whales
197 黃龍義 Lung-Yi Huang (September MVP) La New Bears
198 潘威倫 Wei-Lun Pan (October MVP) Uni-President Lions
199 高國慶 Kuo-Ching Kao (October MVP) Uni-President Lions
200 誠泰 Macoto Cobras (1st Half Champions Macoto Cobras
201 興農牛 Sinon Bulls (2nd Half Champions) Sinon Bulls
202 興農牛 Sinon Bulls (CPBL Champions) Sinon Bulls
203 林英傑 Ying-Chieh Lin (Championship MVP) Macoto Cobras
204 戰玉飛 Len Picota (Championship MVP) Sinon Bulls
205 葉君璋 Chun-Chang Yeh (Championship MVP) Sinon Bulls
206 李國慶 Kuo-Ching Li (Rookie) Sinon Bulls
207 鄭志雄 Da-Hung Cheng (Rookie) Sinon Bulls
208 許國隆 Guo-Long Hsu (Rookie) Sinon Bulls
209 余賢明 Shin-Ming Wi (Rookie) Sinon Bulls
210 林恩宇 En-Yu Lin (Rookie) Macoto Cobras
211 田家安 Jian-An Tian (Rookie) Macoto Cobras
212 黃仕豪 Shih-Hao Huang (Rookie) Macoto Cobras
213 周思齊 Szu-Chi Chou (Rookie) Macoto Cobras
214 林岳平 Yueh-Ping Lin (Rookie) Uni-President Lions
215 顏淳浩 Chun-Hao Yen (Rookie) Uni-President Lions
216 高志綱 Chih-Kang Kao (Rookie) Uni-President Lions
217 施金典 Chin-Tien Shih (Rookie) Uni-President Lions
218 張家源 Po-Chao Yang (Rookie) Uni-President Lions
219 施金典 Chin-Tien Shih (Rookie) Uni-President Lions
220 郭岱琦 Tai-Chi Kuo (Rookie) Uni-President Lions
221 廖于誠 Yu-Cheng Liao (Rookie) Brother Elephants
222 莊宏亮 Hung-Liang Chuang (Rookie) Brother Elephants
223 林馴偉 Hsun-Wei Lin (Rookie) Brother Elephants
224 杜章偉 Chang-Wei Tu (Rookie) ChinaTrust Whales
225 沈鈺傑 Yu-Jie Shen (Rookie) ChinaTrust Whales
226 朱尉銘 Wei-Ming Chu (Rookie) ChinaTrust Whales
227 王俊仁 Chun-Jen Wang (Rookie) ChinaTrust Whales
228 吳修帆 Hsiu-Fan Wu (Rookie) ChinaTrust Whales
229 許志華 Zhi-Hua Hsu (Rookie) La New Bears
230 林士欽 Shih-Chin Lin(Rookie) La New Bears
231 黃小偉 Hsiao-Wei Huang (Rookie) La New Bears

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